Stroud Training Systems

Stroud Training Systems is a professional speaking and training company that provides interpersonal skills-based seminars and workshops. We recognize the importance of “people skills” in the workplace and are committed to improving your bottom line by increasing customer loyalty and employee effectiveness.

In today’s fast paced, multi-tasking environment, companies are concerned about reducing:

  • costs
  • employee turnover
  • customer complaints/dissatisfaction
  • inner-office conflicts

At the same time they want to improve:

  • sales/profits
  • customer satisfaction
  • workplace relationships

If these are your company’s concerns, then you may need to direct your focus to your employees since they are the life blood of your company. Lack of people skills or interpersonal skills could be the underlying problem. Studies have indicated that many times, employees may have the product knowledge but lack people skills. The ability to relate and to get along with others, known as Emotional Intelligence (EQ) is considered equally if not more important than IQ.

Stroud Training Systems offers a myriad of training solutions to help your employees improve their dealings with others so they can develop more successful and productive relationships with co-workers and customers alike. How would you like to improve your customer satisfaction and loyalty while improving overall employee effectiveness, thereby improving your bottom-line? Take a look at the workshops that can help you do just that.