Social Styles℠

Would you like a way to get your employees to work together better? Or, a way to resolve office conflicts? Can you imagine what it would be like in your office if everyone could get along? If they could communicate more effectively?

And what if your sales and service reps could actually relate better to their prospects and customers? Imagine what it would be like if your sales soared, customer complaints were minimized and customer retention worries were a thing of the past?

To stress the point even further, did you know that 80% of employee firings are due to lack of interpersonal skills and not technical knowledge.

The Tracom Group’s Social Styles Model™ addresses these workplace situations. Social Styles training has been increasing sales, reducing employee turnover and improving client satisfaction for nearly 50 years. The Social Style model outlines four key behavioral styles and offers insights into each for more effective interactions.

Many of today’s training programs focus on product knowledge, but overlook people skills, which are equally, if not more important, to success. Bringing Social Styles training to your employees will give them the ability to assess each other’s, their customer’s and/or prospect’s Style and tailor his/her approach accordingly, increasing opportunities for success.

Introduction to Social Styles Download the PDF

This half-day class covers the key concepts and benefits of Social Style.  The class is ideal for organizations looking for a low-cost, less time-intensive way to incorporate Social Style fundamentals into the workplace, improving the interpersonal effectiveness and productivity of employees.

Introduction to Social Styles teaches Social Style concepts using video, interactive exercises and facilitated discussion.  It also incorporates a self-assessment of a person's Style, as well as a Versatility self-assessment. For more information or to schedule this workshop, contact Stroud Training Systems.

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Producing Results with Others Download the PDF

This one or two-day flagship course is an in-depth exploration of the way people work together. Participants master the Social Style Model through exercises, role-playing and video segments that prepare participants for a wide range of business situations. Multi-rater profiles give participants a better understanding of their Social Style and Versatility strengths and weaknesses and helps to improve individual/group success. For more information or to schedule this workshop, contact Stroud Training Systems.

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Selling to Achieve Results Download the PDF

This one or two-day course is a unique behavior-based training solution that provides sales professionals with insight into behavioral patterns that affect every step of the sales process. Through multi-rater profiles, video and experiential exercises, participants learn how to improve daily interactions with customers and prospects, to foster trust and increase influence thereby improving sales results and customer retention. For more information or to schedule this workshop, contact Stroud Training Systems.

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